Compelling Vision for Curriculum for every Child

On April 2nd 2019 colleagues from across the Trust came together for an Away Day to shape a compelling vision for a curriculum suited to the needs of every child in our Trust. 

Headteachers, Senior Leaders and Central Improvement Teams worked on the three objectives 

  • Establish a set of curriculum principles appropriate to all Beckfoot Trust schools 
  • Identify strategic themes that we can develop further to turn those principles into practice  
  • To shape a revised Trust Remarkable Learning Environment Vision for the Trust 

This was an incredibly important day and a test of our leadership. Our core purpose is to create ‘remarkable learning environments’ within all of our schools. Feedback from our staff and student conferences tells us that there is an appetite to look differently at the universal curriculum offer available to all our learners to ensure that they all ‘enjoy, learn, succeed’. This is further reinforced in the shift by Ofsted towards a more general focus in the ‘quality of education’ and ‘personal development’, plus recent publications about the challenges and barriers that more vulnerable children and young people face. We are tasked with developing a more coherent up to date curriculum vision for the Trust and systemising it through a redeveloped Trust School Improvement Framework/ Toolkit. 

To be remarkable our schools have to be relevant for every individual pupil. We want our schools to feel like places of great aspiration, inclusivity and humanity. We want to design learning experiences which guarantee every child a great start to their life. In short we will develop the potential of every child both academically and socially. Our job is to pass on the best that has been thought and said in the past and to prepare young people for life/work regardless of social background. We cannot achieve this unless we have designed a curriculum experience that is suitable for all.  

We will be feeding back to the attendees of the day and to all colleagues on how their views have been used to shape future thinking, thank you to all of those who contributed at the Away Day and our Staff Conference in January. Collaboration is our strength and continues to be at the heart of all we do.  


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