Trust Board


All serving Directors have been appointed by Members of the Beckfoot Trust company.

The Beckfoot Trust Board of Directors/Trustees are:

    Date of appointment Term of office
Sidiq Ali Director 01/08/2013 31/07/2021
Paul Hill Director 04/12/2014 03/12/2022
David Horn CEO/Executive Headteacher 24/07/2012 23/07/2020
Michael Kelly Director 24/07/2012 23/07/2020
Robert Lawrence Director 31/08/2012 30/08/2020
David Maybury Director 18/08/2016 17/08/2024
Janice Lee Director 24/07/2012 23/07/2020
Susan Pierce Director 01/08/2013 31/07/2021
Paul Speight Director 08/12/2016 07/12/2024
Schofield Sweeney LLP Company Secretary 24/07/2012 23/07/2020
Charlie Tebbutt Chief Operating Officer 24/07/2012 23/07/2020
Kim Tollervy Director 24/07/2012 23/07/2020
John Winkley Chair of Directors 24/07/2012 23/07/2020

A register of attendance by Directors to Trust Board Meetings can be found in the Financial Statements click here 

To contact a Director please email:

To view the Beckfoot Trust Director's Register of Pecuniary Interests click here

Amongst other things, the Board of Directors/Trustees are responsible for:
• setting the strategic direction, policies and objectives
• approving the budget
• reviewing progress against the budget and objectives
• challenging and supporting senior staff
• playing a part in appointing staff
• the use of public funds
• the quality of education provided
• the wider contribution to the community