About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Beckfoot Trust Sixth Form. You will be joining us at a very exciting time as we combine our four school Sixth Forms, taking expertise from each and using this to ensure the very best experience and outcomes for all of our students. We have big goals and high aspirations and are excited about collaborating together to ensure the Beckfoot Trust Sixth Form delivers strong outcomes for all of our young people. Please enjoy our first joint prospectus and visit our open days to see what we are all about.

Sixth Form education represents two critical years in a young adult’s life as they increasingly take responsibility for the decisions that will shape their futures. Academic rigour increases significantly as does the need to develop the skills necessary to support successful career progression. A consistency of approach is at the heart of a Beckfoot Trust Sixth Form experience. We smooth the transition at a critical time and ensure early educational experiences are deepened in a familiar environment and with familiar staff.

Beckfoot Trust Sixth Form spans four Trust schools. It adopts a shared approach that challenges young people to achieve beyond the expected and at the same time to take their place as senior members of a school community. Sixth formers are developed academically and challenged to think deeply, to gain the qualifications necessary for their next career stage. They become increasingly outward looking and have strong opinions about the world they live in. They question, develop a strong commitment to living life properly and stand up for what they believe to be morally right. Beckfoot Trust sixth formers get hands-on experience of the real world. They solve real problems, are entrepreneurial and become skilled leaders.

Beckfoot Trust sixth formers thrive because we all believe school is the best place to study after GCSEs. Sixth formers enjoy the certainty, security and consistency that progression within a school community provides. They benefit from an environment which is personalised to their needs and familiar. Their parents know the school and its values and that care and support is there when needed. From apprenticeships to Oxbridge; BTECs to A levels and work to life skills, all our students find a pathway that is useful, ethical and aspirational.

Beckfoot Trust is a collaborative enterprise. By working together as a group of schools we more easily establish best practice and replicate it for all. We have excellent sixth form teachers, outstanding pedagogy and complementary high quality pastoral care. Our schools are fantastically equipped with sporting and arts facilities and our sixth formers take a lead in all our enrichment activity inspiring younger students as role models. The final two years of a school education create memories and experiences that are treasured forever.

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