Application Process

Application Process 

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A minimum of Grade 4 (merit at BTEC, each BTEC counts as one qualification) or above in at least 5 subjects including English and Maths.
Each subject also has its own specific entry criteria. These will be adhered to and are not negotiable. Students must meet the general criteria as well as subject specific criteria to commence a level 3 course.
Please look very carefully at your individual school prospectus for these.

To apply please click here
Closing date for applications is the 24th February 2020

Summer 2019

Introductions and Events to Raise Profile of 6th Form for Year 10 (new 11)


Year  11 (new 12)  Welcome to 6th day – VESPA; Study Skills and Bridging Materials

Autumn 2019

Online Prospectus Available to (new) 11

September 2019

Year 11 Expectations Evening (6th Form information disseminated, forward planning)

Nov/Dec 2019

Open Evenings

January/February 2020

Taster Days for all potential applicants

February 2020

Application Deadline

March-April 2020

Interviews for all applicants with SLT and 6th Form Teams. Year 11
Tracking Data used.

Easter 2020

Offers Made

Summer 2020

Year 10 Parent’s Evening – Find out about
 6th Form

Summer Term 2020

Welcome Event and Bridging Materials

Intro for Year 10

August 2020

Results Day and Enrolment

September 2020

Year 12 Begins – Induction Days