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Welcome to our website.
Beckfoot Trust is a cross phase multi academy trust established in 2013. We are proud to educate over 7000 learners in the district across Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form and Special, serving Bradford communities. We aim to create remarkable learning environments for each of our students in schools that inspire, support and enthuse all our learners to achieve.
Read more about us here and please contact us at BeckfootTrust@beckfoot.org if you would like to visit us and talk about our work in the Trust.

Thankyou for taking an interest in Beckfoot Trust.

We established the Trust in 2013. We educate seven thousand children in primary, special and secondary schools. We are dedicated to creating a cluster of remarkable Bradford schools that ensure that every one of our young people enjoys learning and expects to thrive academically and socially. Our Trust motto ‘Enjoy-Learn- Succeed’ is fully reflected in all of our schools. When you walk into a Beckfoot Trust School you should feel that culture of positivity and child centredness.

We set the Trust up because we wanted to create something magical in Bradford. We wanted to do something different. We had grown tired of working in an environment where schools did not share practice and saw one another as competition and a threat. We wanted to set up a group of schools who thought alike. Schools based in Bradford, genuinely comprehensive in character, serving their local community, who shared the same values and the same urgency to improve quickly regardless of their starting point. Above all else though they had to be schools mature enough to be honest about where they were, and willing to work as equal partners to share practice and grow together.

It was important therefore to get the right schools to join us. We took the decision to never approach any school. They had to approach us to join and demonstrate that their motivation to do so was genuine. To join the Trust, schools have to be co-educational, not faith based or selective in any form. Pupil admissions are controlled by Bradford Local Authority to ensure that our intake is fully representative of the community they serve.

A key feature of our Trust is our commitment to our staff. We seek to become the Employer of Choice in the area. We are proud of our relationship with local trades unions and professional associations. We have to retain talented educationalists, particularly teachers. There is a national shortage and too often, good teachers leave the profession because they are poorly supported. Therefore in addition to training our own prospective teachers through our School Direct and apprenticeship schemes, we invest in high quality performance management and professional development training, offer clear career progression and dedicated planning time to prepare lessons. Teachers benefit from working within our collaborative networks to share practice.

It is important to add that we have very high expectations of our school leaders. Our schools are very well led by colleagues who are principled, lead by example, are good communicators, are strategically smart and emotionally intelligent. All of this means that we create a positive culture, staff stay and we can then give our students the great teachers they deserve.

To conclude, there is an amazing momentum developing across the Trust. We are already having significant impact in all our schools yet we know we have a long way still to travel. School years really matter and shape young people’s lives forever. Combining the talents of our staff and students we are creating schools with real soul. Schools that support, inspire and enthuse young people to achieve beyond the expected.

I hope this gives you an insight into what drives us. If you have any questions or would like to visit the school or Trust please email: beclbb@beckfoot.org

David Horn

CEO Beckfoot Trust

September 18

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