Welcome message from David Horn CEO

Thank you for taking an interest in Beckfoot Trust

We are a highly successful cross phase multi academy trust established in 2013. Our simple philosophy is that young people are more likely to be successful in school if they enjoy learning. Aligned to that we believe that we can achieve more as schools by working together in partnership. We want to create learning environments that are beautiful, celebratory and transformational. We want to create something remarkable. Follow the link to read more. 

Beckfoot Trust 

We educate over 7000 learners from age 3 to 19 within ten Bradford schools across Primary, Secondary and Special settings all located in close proximity to one another. In reality this means that when one includes parents and other stakeholders, over 20000 people are invested in the success of this organisation. Our schools are genuinely comprehensive in character, fully inclusive and serve their local communities.

Our children come from diverse backgrounds. Many of our children come from disadvantaged homes and attend schools that in the past have never been successful. They have in some areas become the forgotten. We want to do something meaningful to reduce the social divide that exists nationally and locally. To ensure that every child regardless of their class, gender, ethnicity or physical ability can fulfil their academic and social potential. We do not accept excuses or create limits to potential. We therefore aim for academic outcomes that place our schools within the top 20% of similar schools nationally.

The Trust is undoubtedly working by whatever metric one chooses to adopt. We have more outstanding and good schools, we have significantly improved outcomes at Key Stage 2, 4 and 5. We have higher attendance and less persistent absence. More of our children can read and write and are numerate. Gaps between different groups of learners, particularly amongst our most vulnerable learners are beginning to reduce. More of our learners are going onto appropriate career and higher education pathways. However, we also know that we have a lot more to do and it will never be easy!

We will do this by working as a collaborative partnership identifying the best ideas that unlock the academic and personal potential in every learner. We network. We share a common approach to school improvement and commercial effectiveness yet respect a degree of uniqueness within each school. The Trust has in place a group of high quality Headteachers who are invested in the concept of improving together and leading people with integrity.  A small and focussed central improvement team provides appropriate support and challenge to all our schools. A single governance model ensures a consistency of approach and we are financially stable.

A key feature of our work relates to staff wellbeing and professional development. The Beckfoot Trust is a great place to work. Our staff are dedicated to seeing children and young people fulfil their potential. It is a challenging brief but one that we are meeting with a skilled workforce who are supported every step of the way. We aim to bring out the best in everyone. We offer competitive salaries, dedicated INSET days for planning, a Trust wide charter related to workload and well-being, bespoke professional development including career stage leadership development programmes and much more. Our Early Years Career Strategy ensures that teachers new to the profession can be well supported as they transition from trainees to accomplished teachers.

To conclude, we know that this model of working is having an impact for Bradford children. It is lovely to be working in partnership with so many outstanding educationalists who share the same moral purpose. The bottom line is we are building a culture of hope and possibility in our communities. Read more about us across our website and please contact us at BeckfootTrust@beckfoot.org if you would like to visit us and talk about our work in the Trust.

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