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28th January 2021

Zoom Protocol and Keeping Safe

January 2021

Dear parents/carers,

Zoom lesson protocol


As we continue to develop our remote learning model over the next few weeks and begin to introduce some ‘live’ sessions via zoom, we feel it is important that staff, parents and children are all aware of certain expectations.


The following information sets out the expectations from school and from parents at home around ‘what a zoom session will look like’.


  1. School will schedule the sessions and set these up
  2. The office will email the link to parents the day before a scheduled session
  3. Staff will open the session in advance and be prepared and ready to welcome the children
  4. There will always be 2 members of staff present during every session
  5. Parents need to ensure that their child is sat and ready to learn so the session can start promptly
  6. Children should enter the session 5 minutes before the scheduled start to allow for a welcome and the register to be taken
  7. From Year 1 upwards, there is no expectation that parents need to sit/stay with their child but should support and supervise when needed. It is expected that parents DO NOT participate
  8. For children in Nursery and Reception, parents will need to sit with their children and during some sessions, there may be some parental interaction
  9. During the session, children may need pencils and paper etc. Staff will inform parents in advance of any additional resources that may be needed
  10. We expect ALL families to be respectful of each other and follow the ‘code of conduct’
  11. By allowing your child to access the zoom session, as a school, we accept this as parental consent.


Code of conduct

  • Children should join the session punctually
  • Children should join the session from a communal area in the house rather than a private area such as a bedroom
  • The session should take place in a quiet area free from distractions
  • Children should be dressed appropriately for the video call, not wearing pyjamas
  • Children are expected to maintain the same behaviour standards that we expect in school
  • Children should speak appropriately just as they would for a lesson in school
  • If chat is turned on, children should only use it when asked to by their teacher
  • All conversations and messages should be polite and respectful
  • Children should mute their microphones when they join a call and should stay muted unless they are asked to speak
  • Children must not have access to devices that can take photographs or videos of the live session


Thank you for your support as we navigate our way through these difficult times. As a school, we hope as many of our children as possible will be able to access these ‘live’ sessions, but we also appreciate that every family’s circumstance are different.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this ‘code of conduct’ please email the school office.


Yours sincerely

Christina Gunning


Keeping safe when using Zoom


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