Beckfoot Upper Heaton rated by Ofsted as a ‘Good’ school

Beckfoot Upper Heaton School has been rated by Ofsted as a ‘Good’ school.

The Ofsted report, published on Friday 20 April, highlights that a change in culture at the school has led to improvements in attainment, attendance and behaviour.

‘We are delighted with the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection which has confirmed our view that all aspects of our practice are at least ‘good’. We have come a long way since joining the Beckfoot Trust in 2015. It was wonderful to read the report and absorb so many wonderful comments about our students and staff. We are very proud.

“We wish to thank everyone connected with the school for their support and belief in our vision and direction of travel over the past two years. We also want it to be clear that we remain fully committed to our goal to get to ‘Outstanding’ by the time of our next inspection. We have achieved so much together and we remain incredibly ambitious to do so much more. Our students deserve it!’

Simon Wade - Headteacher Beckfoot Upper Heaton


“We are thrilled with the report and more importantly the progress Beckfoot Upper Heaton has made since it joined the Trust in September 2015. The school has come a long way in that time. The Ofsted report supports our view of the school. The students are exceptional and they want to learn. The staff are totally dedicated to providing every young person with the best learning opportunities available and the leadership of the school at all levels is very strong. The future is very bright for Beckfoot Upper Heaton.  Congratulations'.

David Horn CEO 


Beckfoot Upper Heaton was established in September 2015 when the Beckfoot Trust were asked by the Department for Education to take over Belle Vue Boys School. This followed an Ofsted report earlier that year that had placed the school in special measures. The Trust renamed the school Beckfoot Upper Heaton, gave the school fresh leadership and made it a school for both boys and girls. This is the first Ofsted inspection of the school since it converted to the Trust.

The Ofsted report highlights a number of key achievements:

  • ‘Since joining the Beckfoot Trust, leaders have transformed the school. The headteacher provides strong leadership, and through his work in partnership with trust leaders, he has rapidly developed leadership capacity across the school at all levels. Staff morale is high and pupils are overwhelmingly positive about their experiences. As a result, all aspects of the school have improved.
  • Leaders have been determined in their pursuit of improvements to the quality of teaching. Through the support of the trust, teachers have received tailored professional development which continues to have a positive impact on learning. Teaching, learning and assessment are increasingly strong.
  • There is a strong culture of teacher development in the school. Consequently, the quality of teaching has improved.
  • Leaders have set aspirational targets for all pupils which have raised expectations across the school. Leaders have implemented a rigorous assessment regime which allows them to quickly identify underachievement and act to intervene. Consequently, pupils’ outcomes have improved.
  • There is a positive climate for learning in classrooms and, as a result, pupils have now adopted more focused learning habits, and this enables them to make good progress.
  • Standards of pupils’ behaviour are very good as a result of the high expectations of leaders and staff.
  • As a result of the culture established by leaders, pupils are self-confident and have high aspirations for their future.
  • Leaders have developed a broad and balanced curriculum, which is a strength. Key stage 3 pupils successfully develop the skills required to access programmes of study in key stage 4.
  • As a result of the hard work of leaders, pupils have broadened their horizons and have high aspirations. In 2017, all pupils progressed to appropriate further education or training, with a high proportion accessing post-16 study.

The full report is available here:  Beckfoot Upper Heaton Ofsted Report April 2018


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