What our trainees say……

"The best word I can use to describe training at Beckfoot is 'supportive'. I have been allowed to move at my own pace, with the backing of not only my mentor, but every single member of staff in the department and the wider school. They are an inspiration to watch at their work, and are never too busy to answer questions. I could not imagine a better environment in which to learn."
Naomi, English ITT 2018/19

"Training with Beckfoot has been a great experience. The staff are amazing and the support outstanding. I have been made to feel welcome from day one. I would recommend the experience to anyone who is looking to train to teach."
Ben, History ITT 2018/19

"I was so keen to teach that I applied to the Beckfoot School Direct Partnership as I think they are truly dedicated to recruiting and training the very best teachers. I have found that Beckfoot School provides a remarkable learning environment where your personal mentor genuinely wants you to succeed, you are supported from day one with encouragement, constructive advice and lots of tea and biscuits. I have been welcomed into the Creative Arts faculty where I have observed outstanding teaching and learning which has informed my own practice. One of the many benefits of training with Beckfoot are the weekly professional development sessions covering all aspects of teaching from behaviour management to planning for progress which I have found invaluable. As a trainee there are so many things that you have to be simultaneously aware of, manage, and plan for and I am still in the phase of having butterflies before each class, but as I grow in confidence and build up the tools to be able to control a class and guide young people towards making real progress I find myself developing and becoming more self-assured. Working with young people every day is challenging, inspiring and fun, I have been blown away by their curiosity and willingness to learn and I can only say that there is no job as worthwhile as teaching and I could not imagine working in a more rewarding profession."
Keely, Art & Design ITT 2018/19

"The experience so far has been exceptional.  One of the unique selling points of the Beckfoot Teaching Partnership is the human face of people and their transformative professionalism.  The ITT Lead Teachers have made sure the journey you take with the school is well structured and rehearsed, to make you feel like a teacher from the moment you step foot in the building.  Beckfoot School really do make sure your transformation into an outstanding teacher is real by surrounding you with the best teachers and mentors.  You quickly learn the difference between an outstanding structured lesson and one that is satisfactory.  Everyone is so genuine and understanding.  The support you receive is absolutely amazing, saturated with empathy, realism and supportive interventions, especially in your workload.  Being in such an ethos motivates you on a journey to continuously self-improve and be outstanding like your peers.  By making the learning student-centred and the learner the number one priority, there is a vibe that you are a part of something great at Beckfoot."
Mo, Computer Science ITT 2018/19

"The School Direct programme at Beckfoot is both nurturing and challenging. I was given every opportunity to succeed in all areas of teaching: from the practical classroom pedagogy to networking and professional development. There is an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm at every Beckfoot school; not only do people enjoy working there, they are passionate about the Trust and encouraging to anyone who wants to know more. I couldn’t have imagined when I first interviewed for the programme last year that I would be graduating as an Outstanding trainee and go on to work at a Beckfoot school. It was a life-changing experience."
Sarah, ITT English 2017-18

"The Beckfoot School Direct programme provided me with an opportunity to train as a teacher in an environment that provides outstanding comprehensive education. The programme was predominantly school based and allowed me to  train at schools across the  Beckfoot Trust. Throughout my Initial Teacher Training (ITT) year I obtained fantastic support from Beckfoot, Leeds Trinity and the network of ITT students who were part of the programme.  Following successful completion of my ITT I was appointed as a Teacher at Beckfoot. The support that I obtained in my ITT year continued as I joined the NQT programme. This programme has enabled me to further develop my teaching through collaborating with colleagues in Beckfoot and joining CPD events that have been led by colleagues from the wider Beckfoot Trust. "
Claire, ITT Geography 2016-17

"Before I decided to apply for a PGCE, I wanted to get some experience in how the everyday life of an MFL teacher looks like in a school in Bradford. I was offered to join the MFL faculty at Beckfoot School once a week to work with a lovely group of A-Level German students, as well as to observe a couple of lessons in KS3 and KS4. Having had the chance to gain the first-hand experience has definitely boosted my confidence in finally applying for a PGCE course. When I started to look further into the PGCE-route options, I realised that Beckfoot School offers a School Direct Programme via the Beckfoot Trust. For me, it was important that I will be able to spend as much time as possible in school, as I wanted to make sure that it will be as authentic as possible to a teacher´s everyday-life. Also, I wanted to ensure that the school I am working with follow an ethos which reflects my own vision for education – inclusive, focus on happiness of students and a lot of choices for individual learning journeys. Whilst working at Beckfoot School, I was impressed by the level of supported offered to students by staff, as well as the close collaboration of all colleagues within the faculty. That is how I decided to apply to the Beckfoot School Direct Programme – and so far, I absolutely do not regret my decision. The level of support I received from the Beckfoot Trust, especially from my former Beckfoot ITT coordinator and the MFL staff throughout the very busy year, has been amazing. I fully recommend applying to the Beckfoot School Direct Programme if you are looking for a reliable, supportive and enthusiastic training provider."
Alexandra, ITT MFL, 2017-18

Comments from our wonderful Mentors....

"Being an ITT mentor is a wonderful experience as it allows you to support trainee teachers as they embark on this wonderful career. Having the opportunity to help the development of new teachers is not only valuable for the ITT students, but is valuable to me as a mentor. There are countless new techniques and methods that I have gained from my own trainees which has helped better my teaching and learning."
Tayub, Teacher of Science

"Being a Mentor to ITT students is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. The trainees do all of the hard work but it is fantastic to share their journey with them; I love hearing about what brilliant lessons they've just taught or how they've just connected with a particularly difficult child. Essentially, I love seeing the transition from timid trainee to a confident teacher who has no limits - it really is incredible. Furthermore, I really enjoy learning fresh an exciting ways of delivering a topic; being an ITT Mentor certainly keeps me on my toes and I love it! "
Joanne, Teacher of English

"Becoming a mentor has been a truly enriching experience. It has developed my own skill set and brought back memories of what it was like to teach for the first time! It was a pleasure to see someone grow in confidence and progress their own teaching. The time put into as a mentor is rewarding, especially when the advice is taken on board and has a positive impact on future lessons."
James, Teacher of PE

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