Beckfoot Trust is an organisation that links a group of local Bradford schools together so that they can collectively improve the life chances for young people within their schools. Our aim is to create a group of truly remarkable schools each with a genuine comprehensive intake. They will be wonderful places for young people to learn and grow up in. We want to make a difference. We want to create something special.




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Continuous Professional Development

Through high quality leadership development programmes we build leadership capacity at every level of our Trust Schools to create truly remarkable schools.

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We value effective leadership second only to highly effective teaching as an influence on pupil progress.

Effective leadership in schools:

  • is second only to classroom teaching as an influence in pupil learning;
  • has a greater influence on schools and students when it is widely distributed;
  • promotes a risk taking, innovation led culture centred on a shared vision which develops both students and staff alike;
  • embraces ownership, collaboration and co-construction at the heart of continued development;
  • improves pupil learning most powerfully through its influence on whole staff motivation, commitment and working conditions;

Trust Leadership Effectiveness is the bedrock of all of the Trust Leadership Development Programmes.  The Trust Leadership Professional Development Programme is designed to support all staff as throughout their career development. It is a pipeline, increasing in demand and complexity. 

The Middle Leadership and Senior Leadership programmes provide challenge, support, demand that leaders hold themselves and other to account whilst instilling the expectation of nurturing and developing teams. Participants undertake gap activities or school based activities to ‘make the training stick’. The Teaching School Lead – Nicki Flynn regularly visits participants in Trust Schools to informally coach participants following the programmes to maintain momentum.  Trust Leaders become highly reflective, self-aware leaders who can recognise their own strengths and areas for development whilst constantly striving to grow as leaders.  The Trust Professional Development Programme builds capacity within teams, schools and the Trust as participants become facilitators, developing themselves and other. Participants are tracked over time to ensure that all staff benefit from Leadership programmes – we see this as an entitlement for all staff. This tracking allows the Trust to spot talent, build capacity and inform Trust wide succession planning.


Our leaders shape the culture, the strategic direction and the climate of our schools.They inspire colleagues. They are highly visible. They distribute leadership effectively and empower colleagues to innovate.They assess impact accurately and hold colleagues to account in an emotionally mature way.They are learners and seek regular feedback on the effectiveness of their leadership from pupils, staff and parents. 

(Extract from the Scheme of Delegation and the Beckfoot Trust Remarkable Learning Environment Strategy).

For further details please contact me via email Dr Nicki Flynn or the Teaching School Administrator Jenny McUrich at

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